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TORYIA Releases her latest single “NO FAVORS”

Victoria Rotchenkova with the stage name Toryia- Latvian born singer songwriter based in London, UK. Ever since childhood, her life dream was inspired by her great love for the arts and self expression. Growing up in Riga (Latvia) with a mixed heritage of Armenian,

Russian, Polish, Toryia discovering her talent at the very young age of 6. Already being selected at that age as lead performer in musicals and joining a choir as a soprano singer.

she would say "I always felt the need to express myself through music. There was no doubt in my mind, I wanted to be a singer, a artist! Even when it seemed impossible, I never stopped working on my goals or lost any hope."

She put a lot of focus into finding her own unique style, achieving her goals and perfecting the craft. With her music, Toryia strives to inspire other creatives to follow their passion and heart.


An Energy powerhouse independent spirit, angelic vocals with blend of R&B/Soul sounds. Toryia's music influences include H.E.R, Brandy and many others. During her life journey.

Her latest release no favorsno favors is inspired by her personal growth from toxic/controlling relationships. She created this song to highlight that no matter how emotionally dependent we become from another person, we have to remember not to loose ourselves. She wanted this song to inspire people to always choose and trust themselves no matter how difficult it might feel at the moment.

With her heartfelt vocals conveying the tuneful instrumentals as well as melodious lyrics she inspires us not to loose ourselves when trying hard to secure whatever we might loose. “Don‘t do me no favors, I don’t need your favor”. In these times we feel so broken and weakened but just let it go!!

Toryia learned that no matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving which has become her life motto.

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