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“TRIP TO MARS” by Levina needs to be heard loud

Levina is a captivating independent singer-songwriter whose contagious musicality and enthralling emotion enchant listeners. Originally from Germany and now based in London, she has created her own unique realm of alternative pop that draws inspiration from soul music.

"Trip to Mars" by Levina is a mesmerizing journey through sound. The track features dreamy melodies, hypnotic beats, and ethereal vocals that transport the listener to another world. Levina's vocals are emotive and soulful, conveying a sense of wonder and excitement that perfectly captures the spirit of space exploration.

The production is top-notch, with lush synths and atmospheric soundscapes creating a sonic landscape that feels both otherworldly and familiar. "Trip to Mars" is a fantastic example of Levina's unique brand of alternative pop, and a must-listen for fans of spacey, atmospheric music.

Levina's powerhouse vocals in this track provide a glimpse into why she is a must-see artist. With lyrics that declare her independence and strength, she uses her music to assert that she will no longer be taken for granted, mistreated, or undervalued. Listen to "Trip To Mars" on repeat!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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