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“TRUCK STOP DANGEROUS” by Trickshooter Social Club

Trickshooter Social Club's four track EP, "Truck Stop Dangerous," takes listeners on a sonic expedition through the heartland of America. Guided by guitarist Larry Liss and frontman Steve Simoncic, the musical synergy between this band flourished amidst Chicago's diverse music scene. The EP's inception can be traced back to late-night studio sessions, where the aroma of tacos and the backdrop of meth-induced disputes fueled the creative process for Larry and Steve, leading to an exploration of edgy Americana.

In this musical voyage, the band navigates iconic American landscapes, spinning tales with raw guitars and tavern-style fiddles. "Truck Stop Dangerous" unfolds as a tapestry of stories encompassing fictions, legends, the birthplace of the blues, Elvis, and working-class poetry. Trickshooter Social Club's unique fusion of roots, alt. country, and blues pays homage to American rock-n-roll with a conscience—a sound that is both intellectually charged and soaked in the essence of whiskey, reflecting the soul of garage rock.

Enter a captivating musical realm where the guitar stands as a versatile storyteller, weaving tales of emotion and narrative richness. In this melodic journey, the strings become a rhythmic companion, strumming chords that traverse diverse landscapes of experience, from heartache to triumph. It's not just about musical categories; it's a celebration of freedom and a rebellion against the mundane. Lose yourself in the rhythmic journey, where each track communicates with the soul, leaving an enduring impact on those who surrender to its magnetic allure.

A bastion of roots-rock authenticity, the band seamlessly incorporates their diverse influences. Larry and Steve's skillful songwriting weaves narratives that are simultaneously foot-stomping and emotionally resonant. The band's instrumentation, featuring gritty guitars and soulful fiddles, mirrors the landscapes they lyrically traverse. "Truck Stop Dangerous" transcends being a mere collection of songs; it evolves into a unified musical journey that reveres American storytelling, encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in the heartbeat of the heartland.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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