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“TRY” by Simon Andersson

Simon Andersson, a true force to be reckoned with in the music industry, is not just an award-winning artist but also an undeniable musical powerhouse. Originating from Malmö, Sweden, his talent as a songwriter and producer knows absolutely no bounds. With a diverse array of musical influences spanning from the timeless allure of classic rock 'n' roll to the cutting-edge sounds of today's contemporary music scene, Simon Andersson's boundless creativity and remarkable skill shine through in every single note. Get ready to be completely enthralled by his exceptional artistry.

Now, let's talk about this hidden opal I discovered from the vibrant indie music scene in Sweden. Simon Andersson's latest single, "Try," which was released 7 July, 2023, just a day ago, is a delightful concoction of guitars that will leave you completely immersed. From the very first listen, I was instantly captivated. The guitars are intricately layered, creating a dreamy yet edgy atmosphere right from the opening, which holds tremendous promise for all indie rock enthusiasts like ourselves.

The guitar's melody line exudes a sense of hopefulness, and perhaps even playfulness, while the energetic instrumentation demands excessive attention. The interplay between the instrumentals, with the bass guitar providing a deep and grounding foundation, beautifully highlights the myriad of colors and nuances in both the lead and rhythmic guitars. The song continuously progresses and evolves, transitioning from its initial dreamy atmosphere to a more assertive sensation, culminating in a wide and expansive vibe, led by Simon's captivating vocals, adorned with delicately lush vocal harmonies.

Characterizing "Try" as charming might not fully capture its essence, as it feels more like being under a spell or lost in a magical trance. Simon's alluring vocal style, reminiscent of classic rock, further amplifies this enchantment. I am genuinely thrilled to have discovered the work of this talented young artist and eagerly anticipate the exciting journey that lies ahead. Be sure to stream "Try" on all major platforms to experience its magic firsthand!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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