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“TURN BACK” by Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian musician and singer whose artistry goes beyond mere entertainment. While her work remains accessible and enjoyable, it also delves into crucial social themes, with dual meanings that underscore her profound recognition of the transformative potential of creative music in instigating change. "Turn Back" by Kelsie Kimberlin emerges as both a heartfelt plea and a poignant anthem, reaching out to the millions of refugees who departed Ukraine in the aftermath of the war. The song resonates as a compelling call for these Ukrainians to return home, not only with their skills but also with their hearts, contributing to the nation's reconstruction. It stands as a powerful reminder of the significant impact individuals can have on their homeland, emphasizing the importance of unity and collective strength.

Going beyond its appeal for the return of those who left, "Turn Back" also conveys the profound longing experienced by Ukrainians with friends or family members engaged in the conflict, urging their safe return home. It encapsulates the universal desire for the safety and well-being of loved ones, striking a chord with the emotions of numerous families affected by the war. The accompanying video, the third installment in a trilogy filmed in Ukraine in August 2023, unfolds a narrative portraying the acts, damages, and resilience of the citizens.

From enduring what could be described as an “Armageddon” to gaining “Another Chance to Live Again,” the trilogy culminates in the hopeful message of “Turn Back.” Through her songs and videos, Kelsie Kimberlin takes on the role of an observer, inviting a global audience to witness the gravity of the war and encouraging support for Ukrainians in reclaiming what rightfully belongs to them.

Kelsie’s harmonies in “Turn Back” adopt a polyphonic form, with separate vocals alternately handing off or differentiating the melody. This stylistic choice imparts a mesmerizing, haunting, and hypnotizing quality to the song, heightening the emotional weight of the lyrics and reinforcing the narrative it seeks to convey. In essence, “Turn Back” transcends being merely a song; it serves as a powerful call to action, a testament to resilience, and a plea for a brighter, united future for Ukraine.

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