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“Valentine” by Groove

Groove, a Producing HipHop with Soul, Ohio State University engineering graduate, striving to be better than he was yesterday. He released this track Valentine on his fifth beat tape project. He is attempting to get more exposure for the music. The vibe is mellow and dreamy with a head nod hip hop rhythm.

Valentine pulses through the opening with a movement that is the perfect balance of classic hip hop and rap. There is something smooth to the pulse that enhances the movement that makes you want to bop to it. It is almost impossible to not bounce as you hear the melody.

Groove The initial pulse of tones continues into the body of the track, gaining a shimmering upper layer. While you aren’t going to dance like crazy to this track, the dance vibes in the low levels easily have you moving around to the sound. Listen to Valentine and get something rather addictive to the melody that gets your muscles swaying and shimmying to the rhythm.

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