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“VLAD” by Kelsie Kimberlin

In Kelsie Kimberlin's "Vlad," an evocative storyline unfolds, crafting a potent commentary on historical atrocities. Kelsie tackles the malevolent deeds of an individual linked to contemporary horrors, drawing parallels with infamous figures such as Hitler and bin Laden. The deliberate choice to refrain from explicitly naming Vlad adds a profound weight, underscoring the global acknowledgment of the person's transgressions. The song emerges as a heartfelt chronicle, with a specific focus on Vlad's purported involvement in the Ukraine conflict, marked by a devastating toll—hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, and the unimaginable suffering of innocent civilians.

Kelsie Kimberlin utilizes her musical platform to prompt contemplation about the persistence of such malevolence worldwide, encouraging listeners to reflect on the ethical ramifications. "Vlad" employs a gripping musical backdrop featuring authentic instruments and a compelling beat, creating an intense ambiance that mirrors the gravity of the subject matter. The incorporation of rap lyrics introduces a dynamic element, enabling Kelsie to convey a compelling message with rhythmic precision.

The repetitive chorus, underscoring the wrongdoer as a malevolent figure, serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost associated with unrestrained malevolence. Ultimately, "Vlad" transcends its identity as a mere song, evolving into a rallying cry for collective introspection regarding the ongoing atrocities in Ukraine. Kelsie Kimberlin adeptly merges music and message, using her artistic expression to shine a spotlight on the pressing need for awareness and action amidst the backdrop of historical and contemporary horrors. Stream "Vlad" on all major platforms.

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