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“WASTING AWAY” by Aza Brown

Aza Brown, a singer-songwriter based in Chesterfield, UK, has been featured on BBC Introducing. He is also a member of The WonderWhys, a band that has played at notable venues such as The Ally Pally and Cruises, and has supported The Happy Mondays.

Aza has been making music for years. "Wasting Away" is the new track which is released this year, June 23. The song features a mix of pop, rock, and folk influences, and "Wasting Away" is a standout track that showcases Brown's talents as a songwriter and performer. He showcases impressive vocal range and control, seamlessly transitioning between soft and powerful singing. His delivery is also characterized by a smooth flow that adds to the overall appeal of the track.

The song opens with a simple acoustic guitar riff and Brown's soulful vocals, which immediately draw the listener in. As the song progresses, the instrumentation builds, with drums, bass, and electric guitar adding layers of texture and energy to the track. The lyrics are introspective and emotional, with Brown reflecting on the passage of time and the fleeting nature of youth and beauty.

There’s no limitations to who can love the track, even if you haven’t been in love you can feel the vibe of Aza. “Wasting Away” will keep you from walking those circles in your head. Aza, a name that you will never forget.

Garcia Penned 🖊️

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