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Robert Earl Austin (born September 28th, 1991), with stage names "Bobby JaGGerJack", is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actor, Model, Comedian, Event Host & Podcaster from Cleveland, Ohio.

Bobby says, his hometown has never been a big supporter of him as an artist but the rest of the world continues to rock with him or discover him in general. He continues releasing music and working on his craft and increasing his reach. Here's to another year of him saying "fuck these jobs“, He’s working formy god damn self and this time he has his own record label and publishing company to back it up!

In the spirit of competitive rap, Bobby Jagger-

jack delivers another viable offering welcome to the jungle that finds a balance between serious wordplay, an audience engaging chant & an entertaining skit all rolled into one. Go catch the fresh tunes and his punchy lyrics out there!

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