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“WEPA” by Spiky & Kent Jones

Established in 2009, the Spiky Music Group and Management companies are owned and directed by the creative and unmatched talents of Christine Malvasio AKA Spiky. She is a multiple award winning ‘Feisty’ talented creative. Award winning producer/song writer and publisher, including 2014 BMI “Writer of the Year”. In her office hangs 10 plaques, A Gold & Platinum Single, 3 Gold Albums, 3 Platinum Albums & 2 Double Platinum Albums. Spiky discovers, develops, and works personally with handpicked artists to help cultivate the next generation of breakout musical talent.

SPIKY's most recent adventure has taken her into ARTIST mode. This is a very exciting time in her career since up until now she has been behind the scenes supporting other artists’ careers. She is mostly known for artist management, publishing, administration, and distribution services for others.

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Kent Jones (full name Daryl Kent Jones, sometimes credited as Daryl Jones) first became involved in music via his church. His interests then turned to jazz, with the work of Quincy Jones a formative discovery as he continued to broaden his range as an instrumentalist on drums, bass, and keyboards. He later became interested in hip-hop and especially admired the work of Dr. Dre and Timbaland, producers whose use of bass inspired his own booming productions.

Singer/rapper Kent Jones earned credibility as a multi-instrumentalist and producer before he took his melodic mix of R&B, hip-hop, and pop to the mainstream in 2016 with the Top Ten double-platinum hit "Don't Mind."

On 28th April, 2023 these two great Artists released an outstanding piece tilted "WEPA" on all major platforms. WEPA conjures a potent and touching atmosphere, making it hard to move on to the closing allegro, which is performed with infectious energy and great finesse. Spiky's recording is fabulous: clear and resonant, the two Artsits beautifully worked well.

The notes are exceptional, with introductory notes by both artists, truly honoring the sense of equal artistic collaboration between the two. Real love and real music last forever! This song is a combination of both making it a necessity to the music world. Great power and control are all there! In any case, it's a good thing Spiky and Kent Jones are there to keep things down to earth stylistically, because WEPA is off in an entirely different galaxy. "The last guy was too short that's why you're on your knees....blow the whistle" is about as normal as they get, and even then, those synthesized vocals and that dense industrial sound are hard to ignore. WEPA is the anthem because their voices are particularly magnificent on which is a hit.

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