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“WHAT COULD BE” by Michael Lyon

Michael Lyon, a singer/songwriter residing in Southern California, presents his 14-track magnum opus, "What Could Be," a intricately woven musical tapestry that embarks on a profound and introspective journey. Each track within this album serves as a distinct portal into the realms of possibilities, exploring the consequences of an unwavering pursuit of freedom in the face of perpetual conflict and contemplating unforeseen circumstances. It's akin to revisiting moments of cinematic imagination where one questions what might have unfolded differently if circumstances had been altered. Throughout this musical odyssey, Michael Lyon showcases ethereal vocals that soar through the air, delivering thought-provoking lyrics that resonate deeply with the listener's soul. The delicate plucking of guitar strings serves as a perfect complement, creating an atmosphere that is both serene and emotionally charged.

Some tracks within "What Could Be" are heartfelt dedications, bearing witness to the depth of human connections and imaginative possibilities. Others delve into the complexities of a nation grappling with the eternal struggle for freedom amidst unending conflict. Michael Lyon fearlessly explores the uncertainties of our time, pondering what might have transpired if one had ventured into a studio during the turbulent days of the Covid era, potentially facing the ominous specter of infection.

The album feels like being enveloped in a comforting embrace. Michael's buoyant and almost enchanting vocals instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The track titles alone infuse a sense of joy into the listener's heart, and as soon as one hears Michael's breathtakingly delightful voice, a smile becomes a permanent fixture.

This album champions the transformation of inner weaknesses into strengths, leaving listeners with an undeniable belief in themselves, even if it's just for a moment. Michael Lyon proves himself as a true performer through "What Could Be," offering a tantalizing glimpse of his unique sound and undeniable talent. Elevating the album to greatness is the seamless synergy between evocative vocals and lyrics that encourage introspection.

More than just an album, "What Could Be" is a profound and emotionally resonant experience for music enthusiasts. Michael Lyon has crafted a collection of songs that invite listeners to reflect on the human condition, the pursuit of freedom, and the unpredictable nature of life. This is an album that transcends boundaries, connecting with the very essence of what it means to be human, and it's certain to find a cherished place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the joyous musical world of Michael Lyon and all that he has to offer.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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