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ne.r.d. life by D'Vo is an Alternative Hip-Hop and Soul artist from Houston, TX. He is the voice of Global Rhythm and the Owner of the label, Element 11. He has released a Hip Hop series called The Codex, Volume | & 11, with Volume Ill previously released in September 2021. D'Vo is a different breed of artistry as he remains anonymous while giving listeners a unique blending of hip- hop with down south soul, jazz, rap with modulated voices, and chopped & screwed.

His music catches the attention of young listeners who are intrigued by his deep faith and vocal effects. His futuristic sound has earned him four top-charting songs, two of which received plaques, Swagger From My Father and Elavated Thinking. D'Vo has also been featured on music blogs like The Source and Its Bizkit. His music influences growing up were Tupac and Maxwell, two very different artists that have given birth and inspiration to D'Vo's production and experimental sound.


His first fully animated video is spotted here and shared on your number one world wide converging point, Spotlight blog with you a song that's different from D’vo’s usual catalog.

What's The Meaning was written after the Winter Storm that happened in Texas last year. Spring was just around the corner and he pondered the meaning of life, so the song is poetic but also has an urban pop sound to it. He used animations and graphics to tell his story since he is anonymous. Now we get to see his new character developments. So much more is already in the works as he perfect his creative team.

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