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“WHERE THE GOLD IS DUG (feat. Florent Simon)” by Jean-Pascal Boffo

The adventuresome French guitarist Jean Pascal Boffo has worked with a wide variety of musicians since 1980 and has explored an equally diverse ground in his solo work for the Musea label. His work has been variously influenced by jazz, progressive rock, and ethnic music.

Where the gold is dug is the 3rd track from

the collaboration between guitarist and composer Jean-Pascal Boffo and singer-songwriter Florent Simon. In the line of the first two tracks of the duo, "The Ether" and "Colour Blind".


This new song offers to the listener an intimate setting where to cradle emotions, and be carried away. After a poignant and warm folk opening, the arrangement progresses towards an enveloping choir and a piano that support the cello of a high class quest, Klara Egloff, who already worked on Florent's first album (The birds are back, released in the fall of 2020).

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