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“WHY DON’T” by Snakedoctors

A group of four friends from Gdansk, Poland came together in May of 2020 to form Snakedoctors, a band that has quickly become an integral part of the rock music scene. Their latest single, "WHY DON'T," has finally been released, and it's clear that the Snakedoctors are not slowing down anytime soon. They have been steadily rising up the ranks of rock music and have become a band that is hard to imagine not being around.

"Why Don't" showcases Snakedoctors' signature style with a beautifully timeless and progressive folk sound. The track is both distinct and familiar, highlighting the band's unique qualities while staying true to what makes them great. Snakedoctors' tunes are fast, ferocious, and to the point, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. "Why Don't" is no exception, with its catchy melodies and infectious rhythms that will have you rocking along in no time. It's a track that gets stuck in your head and leaves you wanting more from this talented band.

Snakedoctors' music is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive blend of distorted guitars and fierce drumming that will leave you breathless and it is reminiscent of a golden era of music that still holds immense value today. With their hardcore influences on full display, the band's latest recording is a testament to their mastery of the genre. The screams and guitar riffs are so powerful that they will touch the deepest parts of your soul and make you yearn for the days when going to a hardcore show was a normal and relaxing way to forget your sorrows

The opening of "Why Don't" sets the tone for the rest of the track, showcasing Snakedoctors' attention to expressive subtleties. The theme of the song is "why don't," and it beckons the listener with a faraway voice that is both haunting and inviting. The nice tone control adds an extra layer of nuance to the track, making it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music.

So, if you're looking for a track that will do you good, look no further than Snakedoctors' "Why Don't." With its powerful instrumentation, emotional lyrics, and expertly crafted sound, it's a track that is sure to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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