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“WILD FIRE” by Taryn Lounsbury

Wildfire is the inspiring title track and current

single from LA-based singer, songwriter and

multi-instrumentalist Berklee alum, Taryn

Lounsbury's latest release. Following her 2012 EP 'Too Happy For Love' and based in Los Angeles, Taryn followed that debut with 2015's Mind the Gap. Following the last release, Taryn began working with renowned musicians and sound engineers to create

something sonically expansive while proactively perspective and unique to her sound.

The sessions yielded what would become

"Wildfire"- a collection of songs set for stubborn hearts; infused with intimacy and instinct, well polished but well aimed - and ever-ready for those who will listen.

Taryn Lounsbury

Wildfire delivers a self-affirming narrative over soft and soulful tones. ambient keys, percussive arpeggios and shimmering guitar chords. Check out her socials and get in the loop on the many sights and sounds from this multifaceted artist.

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