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“WITH YOU” by Ella England

Ella England is a singer songwriter from Scotland. She takes inspiration from Amy McDonald, lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. She writes her songs about current situation happening in her life. Being young growing up making mistakes and how you pick yourself back up!! So many people can relate to her lyrics and the story behind them through a variety of different ages. Her dream is to build her name up as an upcoming artist singer-songwriter. Hope you enjoy her song and she has plenty more coming along soon!

It’s always our (spotlight blog) pleasure as Artist with such outstanding talent finds their way here. On board is with you the second single from Ella England whose amazing melodies have been giving the comfort the masses need. Yet another clinical performance from her and it’s a burner.

With you starts with an absolutely lovely downbeat for this artifact, greatly enhancing the storytelling and adding a lot of heart. The string element incorporated in your music has a unique character, a bit of whimsy and delight! Your theme is absolutely wonderful. Excellent attention to musical accents of the visuals such loud pitches etc. honor the sweet vocals from you.


I’m strong when I’m with you, because you’re always there to pick me up” great line. Do you have people or person if such caliber? Listen to with you and find out who these persons are and know who you choose to be around with. You have a superb grasp of this musical genre, in addition to adding your own musical signature to this piece. Bravo!

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