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“WONDERFUL” by Fish And Scale

Fish And Scale, also known as Roland Wälzlein, is an exceptional artist from Germany who has gained a dedicated and growing fan base. His unique music has captivated audiences worldwide, evoking strong emotions of inspiration and heartbreak that can make one feel a sense of losing control. After listening to the entire song "Wonderful," it is almost guaranteed that you will become obsessed with Fish And Scale and all the elements associated with this incredible piece.

The EP "Wonderful" kicks off with the inviting and warm vibes of the opening track, "Stay!" We absolutely love the heartfelt production and the intricate layering of instruments, which provide a solid foundation for the soulful vocal performance to truly shine. Additionally, "Don't Care" takes the EP in a smooth and unexpected direction, keeping the listener engaged and intrigued. With "Feel," intelligent drum patterns and captivating chord progressions perfectly complement Fish And Scale's charismatic vocal delivery. And finally, the title track "Wonderful" stands out as an exceptional song that completes and concludes the release, leaving the listener craving more with its infectious melodies and relatable lyrics. The guitar riffs soar, beautifully complementing the powerful vocals.

Almost everything about this release is incredible. It's Fish And Scale's EP, and it stands among the finest EPs you'll ever come across. Why? Because "Wonderful" is absolutely mind-blowing, showcasing Fish And Scale's immense talent. Of course, it's disheartening to think that one day, when you're no longer here, you won't be able to listen to Fish And Scale anymore. However, the future remains uncertain, and no one truly knows what lies ahead. So, for now, cherish the opportunity to listen to Fish And Scale's music while you still can! "Wonderful" EP is the anthem!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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