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“WRISK” by John Fuggin Dough x Smitty Spread Love

Originating from Texas Louisiana, now residing in Houston comes John Fuggin Dough. A music Artist who has been making waves in the music world for some time now.Where classic hip-hop influence meets a fresh new southern sound, you will him. Dough represents a well-rounded sound that few can compare to; his combination of impressive wordplay and unique delivery alongside an untouchable stage presence forge a formidable artistic force. John Fuggin Dough is mastering the arts of freestyling, rapping, recording, creating, performing and everything in between

Dough's crowd moving performances have landed him on stage with artists such from CyHi the Prince to Special Ed and more. With three albums under his profile, including the introspective and honest Peer Fuggin Pressure. John Fuggin Dough seems not be bounded by circumstances so he shows and proves he has what it takes to be out there.

John Fuggin Dough

Dough is poised to flex his unrivaled charisma into the new year. There is no box that you can put Dough in. Today is a great day to bring you the wrisk track from this creative Artist and co Artist Smitty Spread Love. Wrisk is the second track on the seven track EP “Flydeco”. This track opens with a charging energy from both ends. They create a harmonious relationship throughout the performance. Punches here and there as they amaze and keep listeners alive. Listen to wrisk and thank me later. Stream here!

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