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“YOU ARE ALREADY FREE” by Love Power The Band

We stumbled upon a hidden gem by the Indian indie band 'Love Power The Band.' Their latest single, 'You are already Free' is a refreshing blend of dreamy yet edgy instrumentals that captivate the listener from the first note. The instrumentals are layered beautifully to create a hopeful and playful melody that is both energetic and subtly attention-grabbing. The bass drum complements the lead and rhythmic cymbals, anchoring the track and bringing out its nuances.

As the track progresses, the dreamy atmosphere evolves into a more aggressive sensation that spills into a wide, open chorus fronted by the lead vocals of Ananda and textured with quietly lush vocal harmonies. Listening to this track feels like being under a spell or in a dream, thanks to Ananda's alluring vocal style.

You Are Already Free,' showcases their unique blend of punk and world music, creating an interesting and distinctive sound. While the musicianship and production are top-notch, the release falls short in terms of leaving a lasting impression on the listener. The tracks lack a certain depth and substance, making them great for ambient background music but not much else.

However, the release does show plenty of promise and potential for the band, leaving us excited to see where their music takes them in the future. Overall, 'You Are Already Free' is worth a listen for fans of experimental and genre-bending music. We are excited to have discovered this talented artist.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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