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YOU CAN FIND ME by 4nzek X YoungDumbs

You can find me is another amazing composition from our own Artist 4nzek who produces melodic dubstep/bass music drawing from rock and post-hardcore influences and YoungDumbs - Nilesh Kumar & Saif Inamdar, a duo Indian Producers/Composers whose style is also mostly Future bass. This duo produce Music which catch the vibe of listners.


Are you guessing where I’m driving at? Getting 4nzek with this duo on this track is something different you all should listen. A soulful lyrics and heartfelt vocals from all sides.

YoungDumbs Blending of vocals took it to another level with the high pitching of the beat at 02:00’ range. This could be a good concert opener as the title is somewhat developed. Great performance in all.

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