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Zariyah Natalya releases “REPEAT”

Zariyah Natalya originates from the city of Hampton, Virginia. She began her musical journey with a soulful yet alternative form of R&B. The necessity for experimenting with versatility in the genre of R&B is vital to her artistry. Za'Riyah released her first debut in 2017 as a teenager with her single "Too Much Has Changed" produced by Nelson Leiro. The entire creative collection of her musical career is song written solely by Za'Riyah alone.

She travels to a Manhattan, New York studio to get her songs professionally Engineered. This studio which has several platinum and grammy winning artist who's musical projects derived from there.

Repeat has strong influences of 90s RB. It creates a cinematic atmosphere with heavy instruments. Creating a dark chill mood, while remaining sensual in tune. The lyrics are also on the deeper side of things, open to the listeners take on the meaning to sonically connect to her artistry in their own way. Za'Riyah allows many variations within some of her vocal abilities to shine through on repeat while moving effortlessly alongside the


Seamlessly adding layering in new elements as well. Endangered the Ep, truly adds many additions to versatility. Zariyah allows her artistry to reach new levels with this project.

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