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“15 (WHEN I LEAVE” by Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne, the talented 15-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, presents her latest single, "15 (When I Leave)," as a poignant anthem for teens. Renowned for her undeniable tracks and a trilogy of indie dream teen pop anthems, Edie consistently delivers messages of empowerment, tackling the challenges of overcoming obstacles and adversity. With each new release, she strengthens her influence, representing her community and laying the groundwork for her inevitable ascent to stardom, amassing a dedicated following of fans and supporters along the way. In "15 (When I Leave)," Edie captures the emotional journey of departure and self-discovery as she prepares to transition to a new high school.

Through introspective lyrics, she articulates the ache of leaving behind those who may not have offered care or understanding. Lines such as "I know it's not your fault. You never cared at all. At least I tell myself so it hurts less when I leave," resonate with genuine emotion, providing insight into Edie's personal evolution. Edie stands out among a multitude of artists who possess a similar sound; distinguished songwriters with rich instrumental arrangements. This is your opportunity to include "15 (When I Leave)" in your playlist and add Edie to your roster of favorites. It won't be long before her name becomes familiar to everyone.

The song reaches a climactic moment with Edie's haunting vocals pleading, "I know you can't hear me screaming out," injecting a raw intensity into the track. Amidst the infectious beats and melodic hooks, Edie's lyrical prowess shines, especially in lines like "Looking in mirrors and I see through myself. Been trying to look like everyone else," encapsulating the universal struggle for self-acceptance and identity experienced by countless teenagers. "15 (When I Leave)" exemplifies Edie Yvonne's growth as both a songwriter and performer, seamlessly blending heartfelt storytelling with catchy melodies to craft a compelling narrative of teenage life. With her authentic voice and relatable lyrics, Edie cements her position in the music industry, leaving an enduring impression on listeners and establishing herself as a rising star to watch.

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