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“AAINAYE” by Mathieu Saïkaly

Mathieu Saïkaly is an explorer. What stands out in his search are his atypical melodies and choice of arrangements in the french pop scene. From his debut on Youtube at age 17, then winning la Nouvelle Star (French Idol) at 20 years old, to his latest highly acclaimed a cappella videos on social media at 27, Mathieu has shaped a lot of different landscapes. For Mathieu, in whichever new musical world he dives into, the core goal remains the same “to capture his emotions in the most sincere way possible“.

Mathieu writes songs the way an Impressionist artist would create a painting, with layers of sound that are sometimes ethereal, sometimes raw. His wide vocal range is the palette of colors that he applies to

capture the mood of his songs, seizing the nuanced, complex, and the in-between feelings that live within the human heart. Mathieu's distinct guitar playing, shifting between smooth finger-picking and sharp

strumming, are the brushstrokes that often appear to complete his sound.


Mathieu Saïkaly releases today the last single of his upcoming EP, out 13 May, 2022! Aainaye is a crossroads traced by the sum of experiences and fragmented identities that Mathieu tells us here in the hollow of the ear. Where does he want to go? What is the path that will really make him move forward, and What's at the end of it? With his thin guitar, voice isolated in this hesitation, the many choirs that surround him and the tremolos of

plucked strings, the song is somewhere between the feverish folk of Elliott Smith, Mediterranean tunes and Russian Orthodox choirs, mixing a ghostly silhouette with a sense of greatness.

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