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“AGORA AGORA” by Leomode & Siwo & Mussungo

Leomode is a Barcelona based producer and pianist. His music combines his background as jazz pianist with choppy electronic beats.

Leomode is originally from Florence (Italy) but Barcelona based (Spain). His beats blend chopped samples and jazzy chords, the lofi aesthetic and an expensive sound design with nestled live piano and keys improvisations. Instrumental hip hop is the matrix but he often likes to take excursions to slow house and feature vocals.

The main influences are Robert Glasper, Elaquent, Kiefer, Kaytranada, Miles Davis and, of course, JDilla.


Agora Agora spotted here on the best blog site, Spotlight Blog is Leomode’s latest release on June 5, 2022. A dreamy yet groovy neo soul/electronic track featuring Mozambican singer/producer Siwo, Angolan singer Monica Mussungo and Argentinian singer/producer Alan Da Silva. Languages are Portuguese and English. The sound is relaxed and warm but the choppy beat will make you move while the wiggling details will light up your imagination. Leomode, Siwo and Monica used to play and produce music together in a band called Nu Epoque, pretty active in Barcelona some years ago. Now they live in different countries and have new projects so this is a kind of reunion. Catch every score from this band here on BlogNet.

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