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“ALL EYEZ” by Proklaim

Proklaim is a passionate artist who's dedicated to creating message-driven music. Currently based in Namibia, he's a true embodiment of what it means to be a musician and an artist. His ability to blend his vocals with the beat range is simply remarkable, taking his music to another level. In an era where many singers are losing their talent or struggling to hit the right notes, Proklaim stands out as a shining example of vocal prowess and musical skill.

Proklaim is unrelenting in his pursuit of musical excellence, constantly improving and working hard to perfect his craft. His latest release, "All Eyez," is a testament to his talent, and it's clear that other singers pale in comparison when Proklaim takes the mic. The musicianship and production on the track are truly impressive, but it falls short of being truly memorable, serving better as pleasant background music. Despite this, the release shows great promise and potential, leaving listeners hungry for more. It's clear that Proklaim is capable of greatness, and we can expect even more from him in the future.

He's a rising star who's making waves with his music, representing his community and poised for greatness. With each release, he's gaining more and more loyal fans who believe in his talent. His latest track, 'All Eyez,' is a perfect example of his ability to let his quality songwriting speak for itself. This intelligently crafted song deserves a spot on your new music playlist this week. Don't miss out, stream 'All Eyez' on all major platforms now!

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