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“ALONE 2NIGHT” by Vallac

Many generations ago, in a world that has long since been forgotten, a fallen angel emerged from the dark woods. This angel floated and fluttered, drifting and dreaming as he emerged from the shadows. His noble wings were backlit by a bright, iridescent glow, showcasing their power and size. This angel appeared as an eternal young man, with angel wings and riding a two-headed dragon. From that moment on, people have referred to this mythical being simply as Vallac!

"Alone 2night" is an energetic and intense track that takes the listener on a journey into the depths of a trance and the joys of falling in love. Vallac, the driving force behind the song, draws on his newfound inspiration and artistic reinvention to create a powerful and captivating musical experience. With its well-crafted title and powerful emotional impact, "Alone 2night" could make for a great concert opener and even become a national headline. Vallac's ultimate goal is to create a deep connection with his fans and spark their emotions through his music. He will also be known for this track.

Vallac's music has a captivating and moody quality that immediately draws the listener in. "Alone 2night" is a stunning example of his layered production aesthetics and dynamic soundscapes. The groovy, synth-heavy instrumentation and intense beat promise an engaging musical experience that will carry the listener away. The lyrics are joyful and full of movement, with a sense of pushing and pulling that adds to the track's emotional depth. Vallac production describes the song as an intense and captivating journey. It's the kind of track that you'll want to listen to on repeat and add to the top of your playlists, as it's sure to become a favorite.

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