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Mel Fine is a captivating, non-binary, storytelling singer- songwriter and producer who fuses soulful vibes with folky acoustic pop to create honest and lush music that sucks you in. Mel grew up singing jazz standards and admiring Etta James' soulful vocals, and later fell in love with the

storytelling lyrical stylings of folk singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell. In their music, Mel takes a soulful vocal approach to storytelling folk/pop songs about personal experiences- their goal is to create music for the feelings that are hard to put into words. Mel has played over 100 stages, including the Middle East, Berkshire Pride, the Red Room, and many more.

For consideration for the 64th Grammy Awards, Mel's up-and-coming presence continues to grow. Recently, They were awarded the 2021 Performance Division Voice Award by the Berklee College of Music Voice Department. Mel was also granted second place in Berklee's Songs For Social Change contest with their newest single, "In Between," a raw and heartfelt tale of their experience growing up non-binary. Currently, Mel is a scholarship student at Berklee College of Music where they double major in songwriting and music production and engineering.


Mel Fine, releases their sophomore single, "Alone Together", an emotional yet catchy story of love and yearning, detailing the insecurities of a long-distance relationship.…. “I wonder if you miss me like you promised. Maybe I should just quit. Stop and let the distance grow between us”, says Mel Fine.

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