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“ALWAYS” by Onbar

Onbar's passion for creativity is deeply ingrained in his being, as he draws inspiration from all aspects of life to craft his music. His natural ability to transform his surroundings into musical artistry is a testament to his artistic talent and dedication to his craft.

Always" by Onbar is an inspirational track that touches the heart, evoking a sense of wonder while conveying a powerful message about love and relationships. Onbar's vocals, with their pensive and thoughtful tone, perfectly capture the song's sentiment and reflect his unique sensibilities. The simple instrumentation complements the captivating vocals and adds to the overall charm of the song.

This track is a vibrant and colorful masterpiece that draws me into a world of heart and relational mindfulness. The brilliant storytelling approach to songwriting is highlighted by the wonderfully melodic and slightly edgy vocals, which perfectly capture the song's essence. The artist has reinvented himself, drawing on new energy and inspiration to create a powerful emotional connection with his fans.

I am delighted to have discovered the work of this talented young artist and look forward to seeing where his journey takes him. Be sure to check out "Always" on all major platforms, as well as his other great tunes!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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