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“BESIDE ME” by Charlie Noiir

Hailing from the west end of Toronto, Charlie Noiir’s music paints a vivid yet diverse picture of the city he calls home and the experiences he's cultivated roaming its streets. Charlie's musical career began to take flight as the lead vocalist in Toronto duo OSIYM.

And he is currently leading the vocals behind XNDR Q., as well as being a member of the Toronto collective, Stay Out Late, thus, making him a staple in the Canadian hip-hop scene. He’s one of the Artists who can amaze you if you permit him. He continues to show and prove he got what it takes to be a great Artist. And that his days where he was taken for granted is no more.


Beside me, not a love song but a war, cry for love. The ups and downs, the longing, the hurt, the rebound, the moments and inevitably, the realization. The ebbs and flows of a relationship, like the rocking of an unsettled sea. Fighting for stability and yearning for understanding. Beside me touches on emotions felt in the heat of a

turbulent relationship. Listen to Beside me here!

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