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“BIG PRESSURE” by Shatreese

Antionette (Shatreese), an American Rapper and Songwriter from Tennessee. Started as vixen model in the South and have appeared in many magazines and music video with different artist from all genre. She released her first single entitled (Savage) 2019 making herself known as female MC. After the first release Shatreese followed up tracks like Spazz Out and Gang Gang, drawing attention of many Dj's and producers.

Shatreese has works with artist such as Kam Nasty and 615Exclusive for song features and show no signs of slowing up. Up Next Female Artist (Shatreese). She has major singles and album multi talented under her belt yet delivers another hit.


Big pressure is her latest release on the May 1, 2022 and has been spotted here on spotlight blog. That versatility, paired with impeccable delivery, wordplay, and lyricism, has permitted her to exist creatively in music. The song’s beginning rhythm is the pulse of every banger. She flows rent less to push the boundaries of every four corner she’s found and keep listeners amazed per every verse as there is no dull moment from the begining to the end. Listen to big pressure here!

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