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“BROKEN” by Kandice

Singer, songwriter, and pianist, this small town sensation is all but shy of God's gift to earth. Transitioning from her roots in gospel to R&B, Kandice is using her real life experiences

of hurt, disappointment and shame to inspire the true definition of turning lemons into lemonade. She has shared her music with the world, winning several talent competitions such as Miss Georgia Congeniality Beauty Contest, the Junior Miss Academic Scholarship Contest, the Best Crowd Pleaser Award for the Unsigned Artist Showcase, the Talent Award for the Miss Georgia State University Pageant, and other local shows. Kandice was also nominated for the 2014 Prayze Factor Awards in the Urban Gospel, Christian Pop, and the Rhythm & Praise categories and others.

Kandice's music has also been featured on Sirius XM for many months. She has performed and traveled for numerous functions throughout the country. She has opened up for gospel sensations Luther Barnes, Le'Andria Johnson, and Alexis Spight to name a few. Kandice is passionate about touching her generation and generations to come with her music. Her mission is to inspire, entertain and help her fans and listeners heal through music to be the best person they can be. Kandice is transparent with her fans and desires to build a relationship with them. She is also an advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors.


This song spotted here on Spotlight blog is "Broken," The song is dedicated to domestic violence survivors and victims and was released in October 2021 during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Broken is hopefully here to give others the hope to know they can make it and they're not alone. This will be part of her upcoming R&B EP, "The Makeover," which will give listeners a glimpse into my life and healing process. “We all are healing... from something”, says Kandice.

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