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Young and exciting band from Teesside in Northeast England, Gone Tomorrow have recently released a series of demos on Spotify. The band, composed of college students and mutual friends came together just before the pandemic struck. Although the lockdowns that followed slowed the bands progress, it gave lead singer Ben Ruddick

inspiration to write more of the bands signature, snarling, heart on sleeve emotive lyrics ready for release. The easing of restrictions over the last 6 months have given the band great opportunity to play live local sell out gigs.

The bands style has been described as a unique blend of raw garage rock inspired Indie with atmospheric synth elements. Passionate vocals and a thunderous rhythm section make the band a real force to be reckoned with in the live music environment. The future seems bright for this energetic band from England. Ben Ruddick has endless creativity and is a prolific writer. Several albums worth of material are all ready for the studio, awaiting release in the near future.


Care to Explain Yourself is one of a series of recorded demos which have been recently

released to glowing local reviews from the recorded and live sessions the band have been playing. It comes with high energy and strong meaningful lyrics conveying every “reason why” “you find a way to frustrate”. While the counterpart also finds a “means to make you stay”. Those are quoted lines I found interesting. Not only meaningful lyrics but with the band’s distinct vocals on it takes the song to a different pace. Listen to care to explain yourself here on Spotlight blog!

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