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“CARRIED AWAY” by Nicki Roland feat. Royden Vigilance

Nicky Roland, a rising star in the Chicago House music scene, collaborates with the captivating singer-songwriter Royden Vigilance to craft an exhilarating Drum and Bass anthem titled "Carried Away." Together, these artists combine their talents to offer their interpretation of electronic elements, a sentiment I experienced while immersing myself in their latest track, "Carried Away."

The attention they are garnering is remarkable, despite their newcomer status. Once you press play on "Carried Away," its appeal becomes evident. This song has a unique ability to inspire movement and emotion, it's simultaneously groovy and introspective, inviting you to dance and even shed a tear. The dynamic energy of this track will undoubtedly find its place on your daily playlist; it's a composition that resonates with a wide audience. The subtle vocals and contemplative delivery establish a strong connection. Nicky and Royden stand out among a cohort of artists who share a common sonic landscape, characterized by superb songwriting and lush instrumentation.

Right from the start, the song captivates with an engaging introduction, injecting the perfect dose of energy to kickstart your day. The track strikes a balance between its distinctive qualities and a familiar aura, inciting curiosity about its unfolding journey. As the song progresses, it boasts a plethora of synth elements that satisfy the sonic palate, while the ethereal vocals hover gracefully above the instrumental layers. The song's industrial essence transports you into a dystopian futurism cinematic realm, where you become the central figure in a fast-paced, heart-pounding narrative.

Nicky and Royden are swiftly asserting their presence in the music industry, and their prowess is easily recognizable. When artists create music that's as captivating as this, it's impossible not to be entranced. Their music possesses an almost mesmerize quality, drawing you into its spell. Immerse yourself in "Carried Away" now, and you'll find yourself becoming lost in its enchanting allure without even realizing it.


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