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Clou9 releases “SO HIGH”

Music Artist/ Producer/ Engineer from New Jersey USA Clou9 brings class and substance into a struggling Hiphop genre that is missing morals and value. Growing up a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, he began getting into hip hop toward the end of his High School Career.

Representing Truth, Authenticity, loyalty, accountability, and dedication! Stand up for what you believe no matter how many people attempt to discourage you.


So High is a song he wrote subliminally about dealing with depression in a nutshell. The toxic relationships we create with others we have fell co dependent on whether that relationship be with another human or another noun. The performers Clou9 and his co add to their simplicity a peaceful and innocent charm. The opening has us almost convinced that it's a burner, soothing lullaby on Carina’s symphony. So High was written, and produced by him from scratch. He featured a local artist, Carina Barrios, to debut on his song as her first ever to hit DSS. Go check it out.

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