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“COSMOPOLIS” by Bones In Butter

Led by Milutin Krašević, Bones In Butter's latest album, "Cosmopolis," is a captivating journey through the diverse realms of alternative rock. This Serbian collective blends evocative lyricism with the expertise of Luna Škopelja on vocals and samples, Todor Živković on guitars, Dejan Škopelja on bass, Tom Fedja Franklin on drums, and Srdjan Popov handling mixing duties. Together, they craft an album that transcends mere music to deliver a transformative experience. From the opening track, "You Just Drowned," which reflects on human arrogance and downfall, to introspective pieces like "Dumped" and global commentary in "A New Generation Pt. II," each song serves as a portal into existential musings and societal critique. "Skunks!" and "Persona Non Grata" explore themes of opportunism and leadership, while "They All Shine for You" offers a tender love song amidst heavier narratives.

"Cosmopolis" is marked by its meticulous craftsmanship, blending rock sensibilities with profound lyrical depth. The album's sonic palette ranges from the haunting melodies of "A Word Before You Go" to the expansive soundscapes of "Going to Cosmopolis," showcasing Bones In Butter's mastery of atmosphere and emotion. Closing with "Escape," an anthem of resilience and redemption, the album leaves a lasting impact, inviting listeners on a transformative journey through existential themes and emotional landscapes. With "Cosmopolis," Bones In Butter establishes themselves as a force in alternative rock, promising an immersive experience that resonates long after the final note.

Experience "Cosmopolis," an album that embarks on a musical odyssey pushing boundaries and embodying artistic brilliance. Skillfully transforming vulnerabilities into strengths, it inspires listeners to believe in themselves, if only momentarily. Through "Cosmopolis," Bones In Butter showcases their distinct sound, solidifying their artistic identity. This album is a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, leaving listeners eager for more. With plenty of promise and potential, Bones In Butter continues to solidify their impact, gaining devoted fans and believers with each track. Their commitment to quality songwriting shines through, making "Cosmopolis" an intelligently composed album that deserves a spot on your playlist this week. Stream it now on all major platforms and discover why Bones In Butter is destined for stardom.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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