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Mateo is a Spanish Music Artist who created

Losun a couple of years ago. He was going

through a tough time and he threw himself into this project head first. Mateo already had some experience with a band called Zen Parks but that came out of pleasure, and in the other hand, Losun came out of a necessity. They say music heals the soul for a reason.

His first few singles mainly talk about anxiety

and mental disorders. It's a subject that he likes to tackle since it's been a taboo for so many years, and it seems people are slowly being vocal about it. We're all going through this human experience alone in a way, so it always helps to feel there's a togetherness in the experience too. With this single things shifted more towards the emotional side.

Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroad,

and you may find someone in the same position and share a deep connection with them, but the problem with crossroads is that they do not share the same destination. Losun's sound has always entered in the indie pop category since it's more of an unpolished sound, but they try to mix it up a little. The first single was more lofi, the second one had some electronic touches and the latest one borrows a bit from psychedelic rock.


Crossroads is another song about the human experience. Specifically about crossing paths with other people. Eventually we get to a "Crossroad" and meet someone with whom we connect like no other, but sometimes the time isn't right. It's a pretty straightforward indie-pop tune but we experimented a bit sonically to achieve more of a rough sound better identified with rock music. We could see how passionately Losun carried his emotions and love he has for his work. From pulling the strings of the guitar as he sings along. So much talent. Stream Crossroads here!

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