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Kris Warren's musical journey began with his solo electronic projects on his laptop, but it evolved into something more dynamic and energetic when he formed the band PolSky. With the addition of Ben Warn on keyboards, Alex Robertson on drums, and Chris Norman on bass, the band transformed into a fully-formed pop group.

Kris's early experiences in Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie's studio played a significant role in shaping his production and songwriting skills. He closely observed Guthrie's techniques and also drew inspiration from collaborating with various artists during those sessions.

PolSky's highly anticipated debut album, "Executive Functions," hit the shelves on July 13, 2023. The band has been making waves in the music scene and shows no indications of slowing down.

Their music stands out with a distinctive and unabashed approach. The album consists of twelve tracks that showcase PolSky's prowess in the genre. Drawing inspiration from the vulnerabilities and fluctuations experienced by PolSky in the contemporary society, the album creates a dreamlike atmosphere that captivates listeners. The album begins with a short intro track titled "Welcome to Pol-Sky Corp" and includes a brief interlude called "Apopalypse Now-(Ode to Cracky)" before closing with the mesmerizing "Rainbow Road."

Combining elements of classic rock and catchy pop hooks, the album is both energetic and haunting. One standout track is "Switchboard Operator," which has the potential to become a song of the year. "Executive Functions" is an impressive and assured debut that showcases PolSky's immense talent. The album can be streamed on all major platforms.

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