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“FIELDS” by Organic Mood

Hailing from Ukraine is an Electronic and Deep house Artist who’s bringing us back to our rich roots in a euphoria- dripped orgasm of organic electronic bliss. Organic Mood is an emerging electronic producer currently bringing his primitive anthems to the global stage. His sound is progressive, organic, and raw as he fuses smokey soundscapes to complex rhythms and thumping tribal beats.

His songs serve as the perfect soundtrack for a misty night out of dancing where you can get back to your roots and indulge in your primitive nature. Ultimately bringing people together and enjoying this exciting boundary-breaking music with their unique tribe.


He released fields on the January 28, 2022. As his debut single and has midnight as his latest release on all major platforms. Melodic deep house is perfect for everyday listening.

Not the usual combination of baroque vocals and modern electronic rhythms But shuffling drum bass and other effects. The high pitch vocals at 3:00’ with the other loops are genius. Go listen to fields on all major platforms. Stream here!

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