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“FUME” by Fleanger

FLEANGER, who originally hails from Israel but now resides in Berlin, is renowned as the youngest artist in Israel to establish his own distinct musical style. He has been expanding his sonic palette by delving into electronic and experimental musical elements over the past year. The result is a refreshing tune of the typical electronic sound, thanks to the incorporation of captivating storytelling lines.

Fleanger's latest track, "FUME," embodies the essence of his long-standing musical influences and signifies a new chapter in his career. The undulating tempo throughout the song create a rich texture that adds depth to the emotional piece. "Fume" is a single that will undoubtedly have you reaching for the repeat button.

"FUME" is undoubtedly embraced by music enthusiasts and influential tastemakers around the globe, just like his previous works. The single highlights tye artist's unique and captivating sound, incorporating harmonized percussions, rhythmic melodies, instrumentation, and layered samples.

FLEANGER's mesmerizing vocal melodies complement the diverse range of electronic elements, resulting in a truly global and calming musical composition that stays true to the artist's origins. Make sure not to miss the opportunity to stream "FUME" right away!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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