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“GET UP” by Robyn Bennett

Robyn Bennett is an American singer, songwriter and producer based in Paris,France and she has been making music for a long time! She writes songs with her partner in life and work, the trombone player Ben van Hille and they perform regularly with 4 or 5 other fantastic musicians, for a powerhouse live show. With over 300 concerts throughout Europe to her active, Robyn is no stranger to the stage. She doesn't shy away from the studio either, putting out her first cd of original songs, "The Wait" in 2013 and continuing with "The Song is You" in 2016 and "Glow" which was released in 2019 to critical acclaim.

Fast forward to March 2020, the curtain falls, the world goes on stand by and live music comes to a halt. During this forced hibernation, Robyn will spend her time on an island in the Atlantic ocean, in a cosy room in Brooklyn, and in the French countryside. Three places from which she imagines and writes a musical triptych. An opus in which she affirms her strength to move forward no matter what, to stay positive and keep smiling, to share good vibes and love.


Robyn Bennett is back, spreading good vibes and some serious groove with her new EP "FEEL". The title track "Get Up" showcases Robyn's soulful and sexy vocals laid upon funky guitars, vintage keyboards and brassy riffs for an uplifting and energetic boost. "Get Up" will not only lift your spirits, but we bet you'll be up off your seat by the end of the song. Listen to Get up here on Spotlight blog a super dope futuristic sound!

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