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“GHADIN NOD” by Lazywall

Lazywall, a Moroccan rock trio, blends traditional Arabic music with powerful altrock, resulting in a unique oriental rock/metal hybrid. Originally formed in England by brothers Nao, Youssef, and Monz, Lazywall draws inspiration from legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and System Of A Down.

Their mission was to explore drop D tunings and roots music, with the goal of fusing the oud with the rock guitar and creating a new musical trade route from the Orient to the Occident. From the stack, we plucked a little-known indie alt-rock gem by a Moroccan rock band. The band's latest single "Ghadin Nod", released this year, showcases their unique sound.

GHADIN NOD" boasts a fantastic blend of guitars that immediately caught my attention upon first listen. The layered guitars create a dreamy yet edgy atmosphere, setting the tone for a promising Indie Alt-Rock experience. The guitar melody is both hopeful and playful, carrying an energetic vibe without being overly flashy.

We was captivated by the bass guitar's complementary work, providing a deep and anchoring foundation that brings out all the colors and nuances of the lead and rhythmic guitars. The bass guitar's role is constantly evolving, adding to the track's dynamic feel. The dreamy atmosphere gradually transforms into a more aggressive sensation, culminating in a wide, open chorus led by the powerful vocals and textured with beautifully layered harmonies.

Although it's not common to describe alt-rock as bewitching, I have to admit that this Moroccan band has cast a spell on me with their alluring indie-rock vocal style. I feel like I'm in a dream, captivated by their unique sound. I'm thrilled to have discovered these talented young artists and look forward to following their musical journey and seeing where it takes them.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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