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“GODDESS” by Daniel Len

Actor and Singer-songwriter, Len was born and raised in London (England) to Malaysian-Chinese and British parents. In love with major and minor seventh chords, Len is heavily influenced by Jazz, Soul and RB (from which the seventh chord derives). His vocal idols include some of the aforementioned genres finest past and present, such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, D'Angelo and Bruno Mars. Len's soulful and dynamic vocals, and deftly crafted lyrics intertwine with Jazz and RNB harmonic progressions and back beats to create a neo-soul sound that firts with multiple genres. Len's debut EP "Dissonance" experiments with Funk, Jazz and Cuban sounds, all of which were recorded live.

Goddess is the third single from Daniel Len, released 20' May 2022. Written and composed by Daniel Len and Rory Hollands. An Electro funk soul ballad, Goddess is stylistically very much in the mould of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, With production from Fred Lagergren (La La Land Productions) and arrangements from Gareth Buckland.

Beginning with a soulful interlude, a smooth lyric accompanied by a dulcet solo piano, Len paints the picture of the titled Goddess striding confidently through a smoky jazz bar. The drop arrives with a driving funk beat paired with a deep electro bassline and synth keys.


The chorus features moog snyths and guitar underscoring a powerful vocal performance by Len. Goddess is a pastiche and by Len's own admission very much a lovechild to the aforementioned Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. These cues can be found throughout the song and the arrangement: the moog synth so favoured by Wonder as well as the outro guitar solo heavily reminiscent of Jacksons" Bad & Dangerous albums. Listen to “Goddess” here on Spotlight blog!

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