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Al Mur is a North Carolina based composer/

producer who creates beautiful lo-fi hip hop

instrumentals. His compositions are influenced by various contemporary musicians, such as Misc.Inc, Deadmau5, Robert Miles, Brian Culbertson, Peter

White, and others.

His exploration of music incorporates elements of jazz, disco, hip hop and trance.


You might have heard this amazing Artist on rad or most streaming platforms and playlists because of his numerous tracks crafted. Such as the day off, Capturing the mood, Duende and others you need to check out.

Yet he delivers to keep his fans and listeners alive.

Goodbye Summer is a new release. Lofi instrumental chill track with a relaxing atmosphere by the said outstanding Artist on May 9, 2022. Spotlight blog is always here to serve you the best. Listen to Goodbye Summer here!

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