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“HANG IT UP” by Henry Aberson

Henry Aberson is a hip hop/rap and R&B/soul Artist based in, USA. He’s also a collaborator, drummer, producer, entrepreneur. I'm certainly not alone with my choice of favourite single. In fact, Henry Aberson has amazing tracks since his emergence.

You might have seen or read on his previous track which was spotted here on our blog. This Artist is here once again and has truly stolen the show again in 2022 with the release of hang it up.

HENRY ABERSON Hang it up is Aberson’s latest release on the April 26, 2022. Sonically, the record rides a similar musical lineage as their previous releases, however, the stakes here are on another level here throughout. Delivered a truly mesmerising collection of heartfelt deeply soulful tracks from start to the end. Stream Hang it up here!

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