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“HERE TO STAY” by Ms. Chemist

Ms.Chemist is a rapper, songwriter, and dancer. She was born in Berlin, Germany, to a German father and a Philippine mother. At a young age, she moved to Costa Rica with her family and had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

Ms.Chemist got her 1st taste of Rap/HipHop when she stumbled upon Eminem's song, "The Way I Am," and was immediately hooked. Since then, she's been rapping, writing, and performing. Other major

influences include Tupac, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and J Cole, to name a few.

Ms. Chemist also thrived in the dance community. In Fall 2009, she joined Micaya's SoulForce Dance Company and had the opportunity of dancing at the annual San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest 2009 and

Mission in the Mix 2010. After a year, she left SoulForce to focus more on school and music.


Ms.Chemist attended San Francisco State University and obtained her Bachelor's degree in Business Management. After graduating, she moved back to Berlin, Germany, where she works at a Tech Start-Up while she continues to pursue a career in music.

With her enormous success, she’s out with another song dubbed “Here to stay” as the title is speaks for itself. There are other three previous releases such as elephant, Losses and Wins, and 30 winters 30 summers to check out.

Here to stay is one track you could put on repeat and never losses interest because there’s no dull moment. Amazing performance one wouldn’t admit to miss a line. “Why are you chasing cloud than to chase dreams” you got that. This track could be a good concert opener and it starts right at the opening with high energy. Inspiring lyrics confident vocals throughout. Rhythmic instrumentals and classy flow from such creative Artist. Ms. Chemist has once proved she’s what it takes and here to stay indeed. Let’s all stream on all major platforms.

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