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“HERE WE ARE” by The Pulltops

"Here We Are" by The Pulltops presents a captivating fusion of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock, spotlighting the dynamic talents of this duo hailing from Milwaukee. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, each with a diverse musical palette, discovered a shared affinity for pop melodies and robust hooks. Despite their varied influences spanning from old country and soul to experimental and underground sounds, their songwriting consistently gravitated towards the infectious energy of pop and indie rock, forming the cornerstone of The Pulltops' musical identity.

In their latest offering, "Here We Are," The Pulltops embark on a musical odyssey that pushes boundaries while remaining grounded in their artistic essence. Infusing elements of Alternative Rock and Power Pop with subtle nods to Country Rock, the track unfolds as a straight-up anthemic rocker pulsating with irresistible energy. While retaining their signature theme of resilience in the face of life's trials, "Here We Are" also serves as a poignant reminder that fortitude often requires sacrifices. It encourages listeners to embrace the journey rather than becoming fixated solely on the destination.

"Here We Are" by The Pulltops perfectly embodies the essence of their band name, drawing listeners in from the first note. The opening instrumentation sets the stage for a captivating journey through the realms of rock, appealing to enthusiasts of the genre like ourselves. The song's narrative delves into themes of introspective anguish, leaving a lingering impression long after the music fades. It's evident that The Pulltops march to the beat of their own drum, resonating with listeners who embrace their individuality and uniqueness. For those who feel like outsiders or seek solace in their differences, The song serves as an empowering anthem. The underlying truth embedded within the lyrics may strike a chord with many, adding depth and resonance to the listening experience. With each release, The Pulltops reaffirm their commitment to delivering music that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences across diverse realms.

With each subsequent release, The Pulltops demonstrate their capacity for evolution while preserving their authentic sound. "Here We Are" stands as a testament to their versatility as musicians and storytellers, delivering a message of resilience and perspective set against a backdrop of infectious melodies and driving rhythms. As they continue to push the boundaries of their musical horizons, The Pulltops solidify their position as a formidable presence in the indie rock scene, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating their next sonic endeavor.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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