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“HOW YOU FEEL” by Henry Aberson

Henry Aberson is a hip hop/rap and R&B/soul Artist based in, USA. He’s also a collaborator, drummer, producer, entrepreneur. I'm certainly not alone with my choice of favourite single. In fact, Henry Aberson has amazing tracks since his emergence. He gave look inside, what else is there in delight of some of his many die-hard fans and yet another awesome one.

A fast-paced, foot-tapping soul Artist, Born in the USA's lyrics nevertheless carry emotional weight. Behind the catchy soul melodies that drive these powerhouse classics are stories of the soulful side of the American dream.

How you feel is his third single released on the April 4, 2022. A tuneful performance from him and other colleagues, Nariah Taylor and Rob Monzoli. They are genius. Unlike many other best-selling single artists, Henry is still releasing chart-topping new music and remains at the top of his game. It doesn't surprise me at all.


This is a man who tells us our most fundamental stories about ourselves and, when you listen to how you feel, those stories are as relevant today as they ever were. Listen to how you feel here! And on all major platforms.

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