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“IF I COULD” by Jackson Lundy

Jackson Lundy is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from New York whose music is a blend of R&B, Jazz and Folk. Mixing softer songwriting with groove inspired production gives his music a unique dynamic that allows for easy listening as well as intense dissection. Jackson burst onto the scene with his first release "Calypso" in 2017, which has surpassed 5 million streams on Spotify and peaked at number 4 on the United States Viral list.

Since then Jackson has been busy; he's graduated from Berklee, moved to Los Angeles, and teamed up with Grammy-winner Brasstracks as a frequent collaborator -releasing a slew of singles produced by them as well as appearing on multiple tracks on their debut album "Golden Ticket". Jackson's recent releases have led to millions of Spotify streams, placements in short films and international Netflix programs, a 14-date US tour, and features in press such as Live Nation's Ones To Watch.


Jackson Lundy is gearing up to release his next project, "Stella, My Dear" - a list concept EP and multimedia project including a short novel written by Jackson himself. Expect a lot coming from the prolific songwriter in 2022, as "Stella, My Dear" is only the beginning.

If I could is one track from the Stella, My Dear EP. It’s the third song off his EP! Its the fastest tempo on the project, and he thinks will appeal to a more mainstream audience. Have a listen and to If I could and more on the EP here!

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