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“IN THE DARK” by 9Balaclava

9Balaclava is a rapper/vocalist from Ontario, Canada. He was born in Kansas, US and lived most of his childhood in Colombia, until he moved to London, Ontario when he was 1l years old. He produced for 2 years starting at 15 years old, but rapping and free-styling was his true passion, bringing it to the light with his first single "ALL TIME LOW" in 2021 at 17 years old.


9Balaclava‘s new EP 'UltraViolet' dropped May 6th, 2022. The track being presented here on Spotlight blog is 'In The Dark' which is one of the five songs in the EP.

In the dark is actually the fourth track off the ultraviolet EP. 9balaclava’s music seethes and ripples like lightning through a storm cloud, The weary cynicism of his voice is balanced by his determination to inspire anyone who will listen to examine the crumbling world surrounding them. Such an impressive to flow from start to the end. Listen to in the dark and other tracks on the ultraviolet EP.

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