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LEFT TO OUR OWN DEVICES” by Bloomfield Machine

Brian Kassan, under the stage name Bloomfield Machine, unveils his sixth solo album, "Left to Our Own Machine," representing a musical tour de force. This album defies genre conventions, embarking on a sonic journey that brilliantly weaves together Brian's multifaceted talents as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and electronic virtuoso. From its very inception, "Left to Our Own Machine" announces itself as an avant-garde masterpiece that transcends traditional musical boundaries. It skillfully melds elements from progressive, instrumental, and electronic genres into a mesmerizing fusion that ensnares a diverse spectrum of listeners. The album constructs a rich sonic tapestry, with each instrument acting as a distinctive brushstroke on the canvas of music. These instruments play pivotal roles, contributing to the creation of a vivid and emotionally charged landscape. The interplay between these musical elements is nothing short of captivating, as they engage in a harmonious dialogue characterized by grace and precision.

Brian Kassan's musical prowess shines resplendently, as he deftly wields an impressive array of instruments, including guitar, keyboards, bass, and drum programming/loops. Every track on the album serves as a testament to his virtuosity, as he effortlessly navigates the diverse musical terrains presented, pushing the boundaries of what electronic and instrumental music can achieve. However, his album "Left to Our Own Machine" transcends the mere showcase of technical expertise; it stands as a profoundly introspective and timely work of art. This album ventures beyond the confines of conventional music, inviting listeners into a realm where sound and emotion intertwine to craft a resonant and evocative narrative.

In an era marked by swift changes and uncertainty, this album functions as a sonic compass, skillfully leading listeners through the intricate and ever-shifting terrain of the modern world. It serves as a musical reflection, mirroring both the chaos and beauty that coexist in our lives, extending comfort and comprehension in the face of unpredictability.

"Left to Our Own Devices" stands as a resounding testament to Brian's immense talent, igniting anticipation for the continued evolution of his musical journey. The compositions woven into the album are nothing short of enchanting and authentic, infusing each track with a deep and meaningful resonance. What's particularly remarkable is how the instrumentation seamlessly aligns with the essence of each song, contributing layers of richness and depth.

Bloomfield Machine unquestionably deserves enthusiastic recognition for infusing each facet of these songs with dynamic vitality, creating a diverse and enthralling listening experience. It's noteworthy that while the album maintains its distinct sonic diversity, it skillfully sidesteps the common pitfall of monotony that often plagues contemporary music. Bloomfield Machine emerges as an exceptional artist, possessing a unique sound and limitless potential, poised to follow in the footsteps of music luminaries. This album defies categorization, beckoning listeners to embark on a transformative journey through sound and emotion. It provides both a musical score and a guiding light, offering a means to navigate the intricacies of our time with optimism, introspection, and wonder. The future brims with exciting promise, and we eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of this musical odyssey. Stream "left to our own devices" on all major platforms.

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